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There are so many messed up situations about this company. Now I am faced with either taking them to court over this $500 rebate scam or eating it.

They TOTALLY screwed their customers! Do not buy anything from them. They made ZERO effort to fix it even though they screwed up and is trying to blame it on the other company. It is ultimately THEIR responsiblity and they could care less.

We bought a more expensive TV from them because of this freaking deal!

I'm so mad I cannot even breathe! Do not trust them , the salesmaen or anyone related to them!

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They purchased the gas/groceries vouchers from a 3rd party. They did too make an effort to fix it- I didn't get anything from the first voucher company (which went bankrupt) and Grant's sent out a second voucher company (which also went bankrupt).

Grant's then sent a 20% discount coupon for anything in their store. If you had bothered to read your paperwork it states on there that Grant's is not responsible if problems with the vouchers; they are from a 3rd party. I have purchased many many appliances and electronics from Grant's without any problems.

Grant's price matched products without problems, too. Shame you are blaming the company for something they didn't have any control over.

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