I used to work at this sham of a business. They don't have anything in stock, unless it's a returned item or something they bought in bulk that they are dumping on customers.

Basically, Grant's takes the money you put down and purchases your item. They go to the distributer and pick it up a day or two before the delivery date. Here's the kicker...Grant's owes so much money to the different distributers, that they use your money to pay down their debt in hopes that the distributor will release your products. Only when the distributor is satisfied do they let Grant's purchase.

Check any reputable business (ABT, Best Buy, Lowes, etc.) and you'll see the products are readily available. ***, call or the manufacturer and ask about stock availability.

Every time you will see the product is in stock or available within a week. Good riddance Wysocky's and your *** company.

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They dropped my fridge in the garage after measuring and saying that the fridge would not fit. Said no problem call and reschedule whenever I had my cabinet trimmed for the fridge to fit.

After he left I measured the fridge and it is actually shorter than the exciting fridge and would easily fit.

So now, who do I contact who can bring in the fridge and install it??


If u paid by credit card - dispute the charge with your credit card company. Check or cash I am not positive on though.

Lemont, Illinois, United States #886335

Is anyone can help me and give me some kind of advice what to do to get my money back ?

to waldo Willowbrook, Illinois, United States #902507


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