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I bought and extended warranty now my $1000 washmachine is brokeevery phone number that I called just hangs up

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Look for your warranty paper that is guaranteed by an Obligator, probably Federal Warranty Service Corporation. You should have a "Service Contract" and the number is on it.

You must have that paper.

Then call A & E Factory Service at 1-800-771-3029 or 1-800-905-9505. Try to use the phone number that you will have on the contract to save time bc they can see the number you call from and they will look up info that way. At first they tried to give me the run around but when i mentioned I had a Federal Warranty Service Contract that was active and not expired they went right to scheduling an appt. They will tell you the technician must see the contract to provide service.

FYI; copy the receipt they print out on their traveling machine bc it fades out and is not readable after a short time. And make sure to see the end of the printout to read the listing of parts replaced or ordered.

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