Bob Wysocki and George Olsen lived like Kings on behalf of their ripped off customers all these years. They hired chumps like Ben Willis, his Father, and Eugene Timmer to run the company.

They don't even have the courage to pay back their poor customer deposits for items they never received. I hope the Attorney General prosecutes both of them and puts them away for a long time in addition to losing their mansions. They are the biggest thieves around.

Everyone should go and picket in front of their homes in Naperville and really make them pay for this. They are the kind of people that put a nasty taste in the world of retailing.

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Joliet, Illinois, United States #918071

George Olsen and Bob Wysocki have nothing to do with the liqudation. They see nothing which is a good thing they did screw over customers and employees taking money out of employees checks for health insurance and not paying the bill for 3 months they should be arrested and charged with theft.

And go to jail. Rumor has it they lost their million dollar homes in Naples, Florida which I hope is true.

to ***ed New Lenox, Illinois, United States #925037

the prices at the liquidation sale are a joke$$$$$$$$$$$$

to ***ed Chicago, Illinois, United States #951295

Ya, George's home in Naples florida is in forclosure and Bob's home in naperville is also


losers. losers. losers.


Funny how they were able to pay Patrick Sharp all that big money to do their *** TV commercials and advertise on the Bears and Cubs games paying all that money. This is from the funds from all the money they stole from the poor consumers that bought from this dump. These people including Wysocki, Olsen and Willis should all go to the joint and share a cell.

Willowbrook, Illinois, United States #902508

call George Olsen at 1-630-885-5324

to Anonymous #906901

Olsen you are nothing but a coward!! Hiding will do you no good.

Your pissed off customers will find you.

Be a man and pay what you stole from your customers!! YOU ARE A LOSER!!

to Anonymous #912816

Why don't you all look in the mirror and see who the real losers are for trying to bring down a very good man's reputation. It's people like you all who make this world the s*** hole it is!

to Anonymous #916259

You have a lot of BA__S saying you had a good reputation. It was non existent right from the beginning when you bought it in 93.

Sonny Grant Ohlsen had the good reputation. Get YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU MAKE *** COMMENTS LIKE THIS!!!

to Anonymous #916262

Hey Olsen-Now you can build an even bigger mansion after the liquidation sale is over and all the money you will collect. Invite Patrick Sharp and your Father in law Wysocki over for the welcoming party!!!!

to Anonymous #916994

It's funny you don't even know who I actually am LMFAO!!!

to Anonymous Joliet, Illinois, United States #918072

They stole from employees and customers what reputation

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